Camp Wannakiki Season 2 and merchandise launch on

Camp Wannakiki Season 2 and merchandise launch on



CAMP WANNAKIKI is a drag reality show airing on YouTube. The premise is quite simple... take a bunch of drag performers and see who can last the week at an actual Summer Camp and claim the crown!

Season 2 premiered August 7th, 2019 on YouTube!

Meet the campers and watch the trailer below.

Watch the Season 2 Trailer

Each episode reprises a day at camp, where campers perform various activities best suited for 10 year olds, as opposed to grown-ass drag performers. Tune in for the hilarity that ensues!

This entertaining competition keeps the focus on fun and friendship, while giving drama and backstabbing the cold shoulder, as was the goal of creators and producers Ashley and Brandon Wright.

Let's eat, drink and be “Mary” this summer at Camp Wannakiki!

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