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Posted on 16 October 2016

From queens like Miss Fame and Violet Chachki taking New York Fashion Week by storm, to queens like Laganja Estranja creating unique brands of jewelry and apparel, to queens like Detox and Roxxxy Andrews simply slaying the runway each week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it is becoming clear that drag queens are an undeniable force in the fashion and beauty communities. 


Collaborations are becoming more and more common amongst innovative drag queens and top designers, inspiring a new way of viewing glamour and style as a whole. The rapidly expanding beauty industry, initially started in the early twentieth century as a means of gaining capital in exchange for women conforming to beauty standards set by the money-minded men in positions of business power, is quickly changing. Due largely to the influence of social media, beauty is becoming more widely accepted as an art form, and a technical, challenging, and innovative one, at that. Rather than simply about adhering to rigid templates, beauty and the cosmetic industry has taken a turn toward the abstract. Women are now finding empowerment in using makeup as an outlet for creativity and individualism. Women as a whole are becoming more self-aware and have more confidence to own and commit to wider ranges of unique looks than ever. Much like it is debatable whether the chicken or the egg came first, it is also debatable whether drag inspired this new form of glamour, or whether women’s active innovation forced drag to go to even greater extremes than ever. It’s fair to say that drag queens and women share a mutually beneficial relationship in glamour.


Part of a community that has consistently pushed the boundaries of style and glamour since the turn of the century, drag queens are in a position that encourages the outrageous, larger-than-life concepts that are needed in order for the beauty and fashion industries to keep progressing. What better way to pay tribute to this exciting collaboration than by paying tribute to such drag queens? 


There is no greater way to pay tribute and show admiration and respect than to wear apparel from your favorite drag queen. Dragqueenmerch.com serves as the OFFICIAL destination for all you need to promote your favorite queens in style. With a wide array of drag queen t-shirts, tees, tanks, and sublimated shirts, as well as accessories like phone cases and bags, dragqueenmerch.com has all that any drag fan could ever need to represent queens with zest and confidence.


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