Confidence, self-awareness, individuality, positivity, self-love. These are just some of the virtues drag queens strive to inspire in audiences worldwide. Through their larger-than-life personas, often exaggerating personality through elaborate fashion and glamour, the individualized yet universal demeanor of the drag queen is made to turn heads. Despite using a wide variety of aesthetics and performance techniques to portray their own unique brands, the unifying factor of drag culture is its emphasis on self-confidence.


Much like the purpose of the drag aesthetic is exaggerated femininity, the purpose of the drag demeanor is exaggerated confidence and uniqueness. Through visual features like excess false lashes, overdrawn lips and eyes, extreme contouring, big wigs, ultra high heels, and elaborate costumes, queens have common staples in achieving female impersonation, whether the application be fishy or comical. However, like all art forms, there must be some depth within in order to keep audiences engaged and, hopefully, inspired. This is where the personality comes into play. Think about how trivial (and possibly, dare I say, even misogynistic) drag would seem without it’s reputation for inspiring confidence. Through queens of all shapes and sizes embracing their inherent gifts and curses to pour all they have into their art, drag inspires a lifestyle of taking the drab and making it fab. By taking ownership of oneself and one’s unique image, queens encourage self-love without vain comparison. This is the truest form of confidence, as it is built off of inner satisfaction and wholeness, rather than “faking it till you make it” and using what is actually false confidence as a crutch to trick oneself into feeling superior. By inspiring true confidence in the everywoman, drag culture helps to unify women rather than pit them against one another like so many other cultures (often including mainstream culture) encourage.

Thus, due to the positive mutual respect between women and drag queens, drag has rightfully gained a greater following than ever. Coming from relatively cult-like followings in urban nightclubs, drag queens have achieved the level of cultural acceptance that has granted them impressive mainstream allowance. From RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 being granted time slots on VH1, to the queens’ appearance at the MTV VMAs and proceeding recognition on E!’s Fashion Police, increasing masses of people are being influenced by drag culture. The intrigue is spreading greatly, with audiences equally mesmerized by the visual appeal and the lifestyle philosophies presented by such queens.

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