Dress it up or dress it down- either way you’ll snatch the crown!


With printed shirts, phone cases, and more from THE ultimate drag queen store, DragQueenMerch.com, you have everything you need to be the queen you’ve always wanted to be! You’ve spent years living for these queens- it’s time to start living AS a queen! Treat yourself to a new wardrobe of drag queen shirts, fit for any queen!


You never miss a new fashion wave, and you never miss a new episode of Hey Qween or Drag Race- why miss the opportunity to satisfy both interests? Be the diplomatic diva of your life’s queendom! Serve looks and spill the tea, show your friends THE way to be! 


Our one-stop drag destination is the United Nations of drag supermodels of the world. From small screen starlets like Willam Belli and Trixie Mattel, to nightclub names like Discord Addams and Rubber Child, to business bitches of the ball like BibleGirl66, we’re home to every kind of drag diva for every kind of fashionista.


As an individual with as cool and creative interests as drag, the arts, and pop culture, you already have all the intellectual components necessary to live the dream lifestyle. Don’t just talk the talk; it’s time to walk the walk and strut the streets with sparkle and zest! 


Add some shimmer and shine to every look with our drag queen merchandise and be the superstar you always dreamed you can be!


It’s 2017- you should have, like, realized stuff by now. According to Kylie Jenner, the year of realizing things is over. It’s time to kill the excuses and start living the life you want! 


Add some spice and pizzazz to the drab and make every look fab! There’s no reason every look can’t be it’s own event! It sounds cheesy and cliche, but life IS too short to wear boring clothes. Your obsessive interest in drag has inevitably taught you a lot. One important lesson to remember? Fashion is fun! You don’t have to be a drag queen or celebrity to have fun experimenting in your style! 


You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed artist to enjoy the cathartic sensation of expressing yourself creatively, and to have fun while doing so. Fashion, makeup, creating an individual persona? It’s all art! And a life of creating art, and committing to a lifestyle of emitting a continuous stream of truth, is the most purifying sensation there is. 


Commit to the life you always wanted! Start adding some spice to your everyday street style to become the star you really are! Drag is a light in your life- wear drag queen merch in your city’s streets and SHINE that light!

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