You watch them on television. You follow them on social media. You even see them live. Why not join the movement? 

Bring YOUR drag obsession to the forefront by repping your fave queens loudly, proudly, and most importantly, in style! You already "stan" them online and at shows. Why not do so on the go on the daily? Be a messenger, a vessel to bring light to a community of artists who engage and inspire all who they entertain and uplift with every appearance.

You can shop for merchandise to spread the love for all your fave queens, ranging from the silver queen starlets to the up-and-coming local legends, all in one simple online location at

Through our sickening supply of drag queen merchandise, you can finally quench your thirst for all things drag. From drag queen phone cases, to tees and tanks, to bags and countless accessories and styles in between, reigns as the OFFICIAL online destination for all OFFICIAL drag queen merchandise made to give you life as you live for your queens!

Spread their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in style! With international shipping and sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, why deny yourself the pleasure of sharing the love while slaying the game? If there’s anything to be learned from your drag queen craze, it’s that YOU are worth it. Why wait to own your style with pride and confidence? Own a memento of your fave queen today and let the garment give YOU the confidence to strut your stuff unapologetically and work it!

Be a vanguard for the past, present, and future of the drag community by wearing the names and faces of all the most killer queens as a badge of honor. Let wearing our merchandise at serve as a symbol of strength of spirit in the same way that wearing nails serves as a symbol of doing drag. If you’re not wearing merch, you’re not doing stan!



They already fill your timeline, your feed, and your wall. You never miss a television appearance. You listen to their music and their podcasts. You dress like them. You beat your face like them. You model your social media page after their aesthetics. You say their catch phrases. You know their signature dance moves. You talk like them, you act like them, you live for them. You know their names. Why not wear them?

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