RPDR Season 9, Episode 8: “Roast”

Posted on 12 May 2017

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(SPOILER: No one really knew how to roast.)

In the great tradition of MINI CHALLENGES (remember those)...

TBH all I can remember was Farrah saying to Valentina: “You think you’re Miss Venezuela but you’re more like Miss Quinceañera.

Valentina won? Surprising but okay.

Honestly, Alexis was justified in getting offended by the reads about her size. Especially considering there’s been discussion this season (for the first time ever on the show, I think) about eating disorders among queens, it was a little hypocritical and insensitive. But I guess anything goes in a roast?

And can we talk about how awkward that walk-through was? Like, Ru just walked around and mumbled “fksdjfokejoYouMightGoHomegeoijgihi.” But then again, that’s what always happens.

But why are they doing Farrah so dirty in this episode? Can’t she exit in peace?


Michelle Visage Roast.

I don’t understand why so many queens tried to play a character for this? Yikes.

Very... Uncomfortable. 

Good challenge, wrong queens.


~ PEPPERMINT (WINNER! BEST she’s ever looked! Possibly best look of the night as well.)

~ SASHA VELOUR (KILLED it! LOVED her look too.)

~ SHEA COULEÈ (Consistent as always!)


~ ALEXIS MICHELLE (Not her night...)

~ FARRAH MOAN (Sorry.)

~ TRINITY TAYLOR (Much like Alexis, a literal out-of-character mistake.)


Alexis versus Farrah.

Farrah is a great lipsyncer. Honestly, she has great faces.

I don’t know what Alexis was doing or why.

But, it had to be done...


My angel... ugh.

Loved that her last line on the show was a signature Farrah... moan.

Till next time!

~ Liv “Queen” Moody

P.S. On an unrelated note, have you seen "Auto Shop" on SNL? The entire sketch is about Drag Race, and Trinity Taylor specifically. I died.

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