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BIBLEGIRL TELLS IT - Dragula: Titans Premiere - dragqueenmerch

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’Tis the season, and this trick is all about the absolute treat that is DRAGULA: TITANS presented by THE BOULET BROTHERSTITANS is an ‘All Stars’ style spin-off of the beloved, groundbreaking franchise, in which The Boulet Brothers continue their conquest for the world’s next drag super monster. 

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Titans features an incredible cast roster of fan favorite alumni: Abhora (season 2), Astrud Aurelia (season 4), Erika Klash (season 2), Evah Destruction (season 3), HoSo Terra Toma (season 4), Kendra Onixxx (season 2, Resurrection), Koco Caine (season 4), Melissa Befierce (season 1), Victoria Elizabeth Black (season 2, Resurrection), and Yovska (season 3).

I was graciously invited by The Boulet Brothers to the TITANS premiere party, and I will be sharing my scoop from the function and the episode here with y’all — Over the course of the season, I will be providing episodic reviews for DRAGULA: TITANS, featuring overall thoughts on each week’s episode. 

(The Boulet Brothers, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

Where do I even begin? One thing is always for sure, The Boulet Brothers know how to throw a PARTY! No matter the occasion, the monster queen mothers of horror will always have us covered. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the TITANS premiere party was absolutely one for the books. 

(BibleGirl, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

Upon entry, in Boulet function style, guests were immediately greeted with a red carpet and A-class star treatment. After pooching for some GettyImages cred, I was able to head upstairs for cocktails and taking in the overall spoOoOky ambience and energy, while also being able to watch the red carpet from above. 

(Alumni of Dragula and guests, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

So many monsters of season’s past could be seen sprinkled throughout the venue, and the undeniable excitement in the air for what was about to premiere was beyond palpable. It’s hard to explain the surreality of seeing an all-season blend of Dragula alumni being together under one roof, but it felt like being at a homecoming celebration for the show and I loved every second of it!

(Biqtch Puddin and The Boulet Brothers, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

While soaking up all things spooky, I had the pleasure of running into my sister and ghoulfriend for life, Jade Jolie [as seen on Dragula, season 4 and RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 5], always a great time being able to catch up with such an iconic mold breaker, and was stoked to see that she was able to make it from Vegas— Definitely be sure to support Jade at any of her shows if you are ever heading over to Sin City!!

(Jade Jolie and BibleGirl, image courtesy of Jade Jolie)

(Evah Destruction and The Boulet Brothers, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

In the final minutes leading up to the premiere airing on the party’s big screen, I was able to have a quick catch up with some cast members of Titans — Amidst all of the spillery, Erika Klash, Evah Destruction, HoSo Terra Toma, and Yovska all shared the same sentiments of anticipation and excitement for episode one and the season in general— With one word they were able to define their collective experiences on the show: GAGULA.

(The Boulet Brothers, image courtesy of BibleGirl)

And GAGULA it ’twas! In the words of The Boulet Brothers themselves prior to starting the episode stated the DRAGULA: TITANS is a ‘love-letter’ to the series, it’s alumni, and it’s fanbase. All three could not be anymore possibly apparent after watching episode 1. The episode solidified why we all love DRAGULA as a whole as much as we do; it celebrates art at highest of concepts and calibers of talent, encourages drama in the display of raw emotion, and tickles our insatiable appetites for drag, filth, horror, and glamour. 

Massive thank you to The Boulet Brothers for inviting me to their premiere party for DRAGULA: TITANS, and for continuing to GAG the masses with such entertaining television while simultaneously further expanding a mainstream platform for all types of queer performers.

With my personal episode rating system: the Repulsive Putrid Drag Reality point system or RPDR point system for short, I give the premiere episode of DRAGULA: TITANS 5/5 spooky ghosts — 👻👻👻👻👻

You can catch new episodes of DRAGULA: TITANS every Tuesday, at 12 am ET on both Shudder and AMC+. And find your favorite and latest Dragula merch!

P.S. - No party is a party attended by BibleGirl without a nightcap of at least 40 chicken nuggets, and acquire chicken nuggets BibleGirl did luv x

(Image courtesy of BibleGirl)


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